Friday, September 18, 2015


We went home to Keller for our church's VBS. It was the perfect week to go home. The kids got to hang out all week with friends, and I got to see my friends as well.  It was a great week!
7 years ago our church had a major "baby boom", starting with Hudson in Dec 2007, ending with Ben Caudal in Dec 2008.  There were appx 17 new babies that year! We captured it with a pic, and this July, we tried to re-enact it (with the kids who are still around):
 Here they are, smiling nicely:

We finally got to meet our niece, Cora.  Halle and Cora hit it off immediately. It will be so fun when they're a bit older (and we move back to FW, since they live there now)!

The kids enjoyed swimming at my mom and dad's apartment...and Charlotte enjoyed watching TV with my boys. 

As always, we enjoy visiting my grandma. She has gotten very frail, but my boys love her so very much.  William especially enjoys spending time with her...and he always wants to brush her hair.

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